Lobsterman’s Mental Health In Question After Saying This Season Was ‘Not Too Terrible’

Stonington — Residents of this small fishing community are voicing their concerns over the mental state of local lobsterman Terry Brown, 74. Brown was heard telling someone from away the 2017 lobster season wasn’t bad for him.

Brown, who speaks with a thick coastal brogue, said he was even considering “trading in mumma’s Caravan” for something a little newer.

“Might just as well,” he said, “weren’t too terrible a year. Nice to do something nice.”

Neighbors expressed shock at the statement, as it was almost nearly devoid of any negativity or pessimism.

“That ain’t right,” one neighbor, who wished not to be named, said. “This year was flat-ass shitty,” he added.

“Oh, I seen plenty worse,” Brown said, adding he’s “seen plenty better, too.”

Another neighbor, Edwin “Chummy” Daniels, expressed concern when he saw Brown shopping with his wife to look at a 2013 Subaru.

“I guess it was alright for some people.” Daniels, also a fisherman, was signing the paperwork on a 2018 Chevy Silverado High Country when he spotted Brown through the window.

Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

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