Maine’s Republican Gubernatorial Hopefuls Begin Preparing Snowmobiles for Winter

Augusta — The 2018 race for governor of Maine has shifted into high gear, with Maine’s Republican candidates digging out their sleds from the barn to get them ready for the approach of winter.

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Senator Garret Mason said he hopes “to get her uncockered” before the first flakes hit the ground.

“Last year I didn’t even start my sled until halfway through the season, and all that gas in there was rotten as a pear,” he said. Mason, who lives in Lisbon Falls, rides a Yamaha Enticer he “got off the dump.”

“Changed out the plugs and put the ether to her, and she started right up,” he told us.

Maine Senate President Michael Thibodeau is also getting his sled ready for the 2017-2018 season.

“Supposed to get a ton of snow,” he said. “Of course, now that I’ve got my snowmobile all ready, probably won’t snow an inch.”

Maine’s Democratic hopefuls are in the process of similar preparations, sending their skis off to have the edges sharpened before the Colorado ski season gets underway.




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  1. My old Moto-Ski always starts first pull every time, the secret is to run AvGas mixed with Marvel Mystery Oil and make sure you don’t choke it too much! Also, leave the same plug in it until she fouls!

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