Writer for Maine Magazine Rescued After Accidentally Venturing 20 Miles Inland

Falmouth — Rescue teams concluded their search for a missing Maine Magazine columnist who wandered slightly outside Portland’s city limits.

Shaken and weak from the ordeal, Meyghan Bridges was sent to Maine Medical Center to undergo observation, but rescuers are confident she’ll be released soon.

Bridges was originally sent on an assignment to spend 48 hours tasting oysters and sipping wheat ales for a Maine Magazine piece about an authentic coastal Maine culinary expedition. However, she became disoriented while driving and didn’t make her exit to Congress Street.

“Once she saw the B&M Baked Bean factory, panic began to set in,”  lead rescuer David McPatrick said. “She knew she was headed in the wrong direction.”

Rescuers credit Bridges’ insistence on always wearing a scarf and Bean boots, no matter the weather, with helping her survive the 30 minutes it took for them to arrive.

“A lot of these kids don’t really appreciate how quickly their chance to talk to someone about Sufjan Stephens starts to diminish when they hit I-295 North,” McPatrick said.


Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

17 thoughts on “Writer for Maine Magazine Rescued After Accidentally Venturing 20 Miles Inland”

  1. Would it be possible to do an article on how it will be for an elderly Mainer to navigate through a network of privatized insurance companies with a voucher and find a substitute for Medicare??? Does anyone think that folks who want peace and dignity to age in place will be able to handle this? Oh wait, maybe they will create paid sherpas!! That’s what Poliquin and Collins support doing to the majority of Mainers aka their constituents. Shameful and soulless.

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  2. This hits it on the head (as usual), I always tell my friends from away that “Real Maine” starts 45 min west of Rt 1 anywhere in the state. Have a good time at the coast, but don’t for a second think that is how it is for the majority of us. As usual, your writing is spot on, and hilarious. Loved the “Red’s” piece as well…


    1. 45 Minutes west of Rt 1 may work for the southern half, but it doesn’t work north of Ellsworth. Real Maine sits right on it from there on north! Ironically, there isn’t much other than trees and moose west of Rt 1 from there north. An occasional hunting camp, struggling logging enterprise, and miles of fields, that’s life! 🙂

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  3. If you cannot safely navigate Maine, I wish you would just not come here. Too many people get lost and are not found, get eaten by bears because tourists think they are a safe Maine attraction to be fed and petted or they shoot each other or one of us, in our own woods, because they are trigger happy and have no friggin clue what they are doing. They don’t even know how to ise the sun as a compass. Seriously, if this is you… just stay away. It isn’t worth it. You will just get hurt or hurt someone else. Oh yeah and when you leave, take all of these Massholes with ya. We are sick of them as well.


    1. Enjoyed your comments. My first job after leaving Maine was in Philadelphia. I got lost on a sales call one day and used the sun for direction to find my way out. You can take a Mainer out of the woods etc etc.!

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  4. The article left out one other piece of Red’s Eats expansion news. Ahead of the announcement to run a seasonal passenger train to Rockland from Portland, Red’s acquired an easement to build a new shack on tracks in Edgecomb.


  5. Stupidity at its best. If you are writer for a Maine magazine, you should know that Maine does not stop at the Portland City Limits.


  6. Get above Ellsworth on Route 1 and just one mile off the road and you are in the boonies. Go above the “Volvo Line” which is Orono on I-95 and go 100 yards off the road and you may never be found. Half of Maine’s population lives within 50 miles of Congress Street in Portland and half of that is Water!


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