For the Seventh Year in a Row, Maine’s Least-Popular Halloween Costume Is Sexy Paul LePage

Bangor —¬†According to consumer trend analysts, Mainers still aren’t embracing pre-made Sexy Paul LePage costumes for their Halloween parties.

“It’s weird anyone keeps making them,” Bruce Shubert, lead analyst, told us.

“Year in and year out, it’s the lowest scoring costume we see in our survey results,” Shubert said.

“People just don’t want to dress up like Sexy Paul LePage. It’s crazy. Keep in mind, we track even the really bad, racist costumes and they score better.”

The Sexy Paul LePage includes a rubber mask of Maine’s governor, a revealing business suit, and a cartoonishly large veto pen with the words “Let Me Drain Your Ink” written on the side.

“Halloween is big business, and it’s normal for companies to experiment with more esoteric costume designs, but this is the seventh year in a row of zero sales,” Shubert said of the failed costume.

On November 1, Sexy Paul LePage costumes are sold at bulk discounts to Marden’s.


Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

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