Stephen King Spent Last Night Throwing Pebbles at Donald Trump’s Bedroom Window

Washington, D.C. — In spite of being blocked by the 45th president on Twitter, Stephen King still won’t give Donald Trump a break.

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It’s no secret Maine’s most famous resident doesn’t like the current president. When Trump blocked King on Twitter, King had to come up with a more drastic way to get his attention.

“Wake up, you piece of shit!” King shouted, throwing multiple pea-sized rocks at the president’s window.

“Hopefully the rest of America wakes up to what you’re doing, you Russian-backed quisling!” King screamed.

King was unable to get the attention of the president. Unbeknownst to King, Trump was at Mar-a-Lago at the time.

However, the horror-author did wake up Trump’s neighbor, an unidentified man wearing a nightshirt and cap, who threw open his tenement window and told King to “scram.”

King left the White House lawn at approximately 1:45 am, but not before ringing the doorbell and giving the finger to a bleary-eyed Press Secretary Sarah Sanders when she answered the door.




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