Maine Sub-Reddit Voted ‘Best Place to Find Hiking Trails In or Around Portland When You Visit Next Month’

San Francisco, CA — Internet sharing site Reddit recently named Maine’s own ‘sub-reddit,’ a messageboard dedicated to Maine subjects, the top place online to get advice about places to hike or run when visiting Portland in a couple of weeks.

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“The sheer number of people helping answer this oft-asked question is incredible,” a Reddit spokesperson said.

“Most of /r/Maine is dedicated to helping people who come to visit the state find the best places to hike within a short drive from Portland,” Reddit said, adding there are other subjects tackled beyond just which trails are safe from homeless encampments.

“When people are considering moving to Maine they visit the sub-reddit to find which farmer’s markets have the choicest kale, or to share an O’Chang Comics YouTube video from three years ago.”

“We don’t see that kind of helpfulness in other state-themed sub-reddits,” according to Reddit.

In addition to hiking tips, /r/Maine occasionally gets political, but thankfully all voices of opposition are quickly shut down.

“It’s keeping with reddit’s over-arching principles.”


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