Lincolnville Selectmen Meeting Enters Hour 5 of Extended Jam Session

Lincolnville — Local selectman Jon Fishman, perhaps best known as a member of psychedelic rock group Phish, has shaken up town government since assuming his position on Lincolnville’s selectmen board last June.

During the meeting, the board voted to appropriate $100 for a new set of window boxes at the town office for spring.

The selectmen’s board also approved the purchase of a new snow blower to keep the library clear, as well as played a meandering, noodling cover of the Beatles’ White Album in its entirety.

“People come to the meetings to voice their concerns about the town,” Fishman said, “but they also come to hear us just lose ourselves in the municipal moment.”

Other members of the selectmen’s board aren’t as enthusiastic.

“I’ve been on this board for years and I don’t remember a single instance in the past where a meeting lasted more than an hour,” chair Ladleah Dunn told us.

“There are also way more kids juggling devil sticks than anyone can remember,” Dunn said.

Fishman told us next time the board meets, it will be business as usual, although they plan to conduct the selectmen’s meeting on trampolines.


Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

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