Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips Premieres New Allen’s Coffee Brandy Flavor

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada — Old Dutch Foods, owner of Humpty Dumpty snacks, is giving Mainers exactly what they want with its new Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy potato chips.

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“Oh, fucking right bub!” one excited customer was heard to exclaim upon seeing the combination of the two Maine classics.

Humpty Dumpty was formed in 1947 in Scarborough, and was acquired in 2006 by Canadian company Old Dutch Foods.

Old Dutch Foods was interested in Humpty Dumpty’s line of unusual flavors and wanted to introduce its own variations to the Canadian market through the Humpty Dumpty line. Those Canadian-only flavors include Poutine, Beaver Tail, and Darts.

Allen’s Coffee Brandy is consistently the top selling alcohol in the state of Maine, thanks to its extremely low price-to-shit-faced ratio. The pairing was a “natural choice,” a spokesperson for Humpty Dumpty told us.

The Humpty Dumpty chip company recommends enjoying its Allen’s flavor by dumping out half the bag and mixing it with half a bag of its upcoming whole milk flavored chips.




11 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips Premieres New Allen’s Coffee Brandy Flavor”

  1. Can’t wait for the new flavors to follow: pickled fiddlehead, over rated Reds Eats lobsta roll, n Venison mincemeat – oh yeah

  2. I dont believe it until i see the proof from the company somewhere!
    would love to try but I think this is fake news!

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