New Report Shows Lewiston Teens No Longer Embracing Franco-American Spaghetti

Lewiston — The cultural heritage of people in this region of Maine is unquestionably French, but a new report shows fewer and fewer teens are interested in Franco-American spaghetti.

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“It’s gross,” Trevor Pelletier, 16, told us. “Sometimes my Mémé will fry up a bunch of hamburger and then dump a can of that shit into it.”

“So bad,” he said with a scowl.

Lewiston’s older residents, particularly those who grew up eating potatoes and river eels, are sad to see a part of their heritage fade.

“Franco-American spaghetti is just a good way to eat,” Peter Beaulieu, 75, said. “You get the kind with the meatballs, and you have your starches and your protein at once. Plus the sauce has vitamin C.”

Kelly Lévesque, 17, doesn’t see it that way.

“Why are old people always going on about starches? That’s not even a food group,” she said.

Franco-American, now owned by the Campbell’s soup company, has seen its brand all but phased out. Only a small logo on the back of Spaghetti-Os remains.

“The nuns in school used to beat us if we talked about Franco-American spaghetti,” Beaulieu said.



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