Maine News Mogul Reade Brower Buys Jackman Family’s Holiday Newsletter

Rockland — Newspaper owner Reade Brower is celebrating the latest addition to his growing Maine news empire.

Brower inked a deal with Mildred Auclair, 83, of Jackman, to take immediate ownership of Auclair’s annual family Christmas newsletter.

“This gives MaineToday Media new penetration into the Auclair family market,” a spokesperson for Brower told us.

Other than ownership, not much else will change for Auclair or the typewritten letter. She’ll still be personally writing and sending out the newsletter, but the French language version may be phased out for the first time in the newsletter’s history.

“The old folks are mostly gone now, so I only send out one anyway,” Auclair said.

The newsletter was founded in 1977 when Auclair’s son left for Germany after joining the Army. It has since grown to a readership estimated to be in the dozens.

Brower promised every edition will still end “Avec amour, Mémère et Pépère,” although the sign-off will be hand-written by Brower rather than Auclair.

“To be honest, I was considering sending out emails,” Auclair said, “but Reade told me this would help out his other business, a stationary store.”



Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

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