A Star Is Born: We Heard Kevin Call in a Request on TOS the Other Night

Skowhegan — Maine celebrity Kevin Guptill doesn’t quite know what to make of his new-found fame.

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“I just wanted to request a block of Disturbed, I didn’t know they was going to play my call,” Guptill said with a look of disbelief.

It wasn’t long after until people began approaching Guptill at his job at VIP Auto.

“My friend come over and was like ‘Dude, was that you on TOS the other night?’ and I was like ‘fucking right, guy!'” he remembered with a smile.

“It’s awesome, tons of people heard it, keep asking me about it.”

Guptill fan and best friend Jeremy Hopkins was one of the most excited, he admitted.

“I was slurping on some fuzzy Budweisers, listening to TOS, and I was like ‘Is that Kevin?’ and it was, and I was like ‘holy shit!'” Hopkins told us.

Guptill is already looking to the future.

“Hopefully I can call in during the morning show and talk to Tom-O and Mr. Mike,” he said. “Fucking love them dudes.”



7 thoughts on “A Star Is Born: We Heard Kevin Call in a Request on TOS the Other Night”

  1. Hey Kevin, just keep calling and always ask them to play “Freebird”. You’ll be famous every day cause they can’t not play that one!

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