Guy Flying Confederate Flag in Camden Probably Up for Reasonable Discussion

Camden — After passing through downtown Camden in a truck flying a confederate flag, onlookers agreed driver Kevin Look is probably misinformed and should be given an unsolicited history lesson at the first opportunity.

Look, who onlookers agree probably bought the flag believing it a symbol of “redneck pride,” flies the 3’x5′ flag from the driver side of this truck bed. On the passenger side is an equally large flag of the United States.

“Doesn’t he know those two flags are mutually exclusive?” one worried passer-by asked.

Stephen Dudley, an aspiring novelist from Cambridge, MA, offered to speak to Look should the opportunity present itself.

“This is clearly a confused soul with a sad lack of understanding of the history of this great nation,” Dudley said. “Why would someone in Maine fly a symbol of a treasonous group of slave owners?”

“People like him had that flag normalized through exposure to television programs like the Dukes of Hazzard,” Dudley explained. “He has no idea what awful weight that symbol carries with it.”

When approached to ask why he flies the flag of the disgraced Confederate States of America, Look told us “I don’t know, to piss off yuppies I guess?”


Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

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