Report: Danny’s Brother Got Him a Half-Gallon of Allen’s for the Party

East Machias — Danny Beal’s brother Eric got him a half-gallon of Allen’s Coffee Brandy for the party this weekend, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Eric Beal, 21, who attends the University of Maine at Machias, bought the bottle on behalf of his brother Danny Beal, 17, a sophomore at Washington Academy. The younger Beal paid his brother $50, a sizable markup.

“I heard he’s bringing it over to Jenny’s party, can’t fucking wait!” an excited party goer told us.

“Oh you know, gonna get fucking lit, no big deal,” another partier, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

Sources say Beal is hiding the half-gallon, which actually only measures 1.75 liter, behind his dad’s garage. One report says he brought it to school to show everyone on Tuesday.

“I don’t doubt it, Danny’s fucking nuts!” said friend Kevin Gaddis.

Another source familiar with the matter claims Danny also has some kind-bud he stole from his grandmother’s caregiver dispensary.

“Danny’s Grammy Puff has some fucking killer weed,” Gaddis confirmed.

Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

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