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Heroic Man Saved Dying Pit Party by Cranking Some AC/DC

Mattawamkeag — Jeff Laboone didn’t expect to be a hero, but that’s just what people in this town are calling him.

Laboone could sense the pit party he was attending was starting to run out of steam.

“Just a bunch of trucks, people hanging out, drinking, shit like that,” he said. But something was off.

“It was half-dead. No tunes at all. Fucking sucked!” he told us. Laboone, who had visited a Marine recruiter shortly after high school, couldn’t ignore the signs.

“The party was going to die, it was 9 o’clock and people were talking about leaving,” he said. At that point, he remembered he had an old CD he had burned in the glove box of his truck.

“I fucking popped it in and hit play and it was fucking Thunderstruck and everyone was like ‘oh right the fuck on’ and shit started getting wild!” he remembered.

Alison Cherry also recalled the unparalleled heroism on display.

“Shit sucked but then that song come on and I was like ‘gimme another Twisted Tea!'”

The party was saved, but like any good hero, Laboone went above and beyond the call of duty.

“After Thunderstruck was over, I played it again and then went right into Back in Black.”

Laboone is definitely enjoying his new-found fame.

“They call me Poon Laboone because of how much I get laid,” he said with a smile.