Governor LePage Pulls Car Into McDonald’s After Family Tells Him They Want Burger King

Kennebunkport — Governor Paul LePage, on a road trip out of state with his family, ignored their request to eat at the Burger King along the turnpike. The governor instead took an exit to find a McDonald’s.

LePage said he doesn’t like Burger King, believing its fries to be “terrible.” The governor made the decision to find a McDonald’s restaurant against the will of the rest of his family in the car.

“Burger King is all gimmicks,” he said in an statement to the members of his family.

“With McDonald’s we know what we’re getting. They don’t change the menu around all the time,” LePage said. “Plus how in the hell can you make a fry out of chicken?”

The other members of the LePage family promised to fight the governor’s decision.

Wife Ann LePage said the family “shouldn’t let his tantrum distract from the fact we’re all very hungry and don’t want to go 2 miles off the turnpike just so he can get an apple pie and a Big Mac.”

LePage pointed to the last time they stopped at Burger King, claiming it made the car smell terrible for the rest of the trip.

“I don’t know why but McDonald’s doesn’t do that,” he said.

Later in the trip, LePage reportedly took a 32-minute detour to save $0.04 on a gallon of gas.



Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

9 thoughts on “Governor LePage Pulls Car Into McDonald’s After Family Tells Him They Want Burger King”

  1. A candidate for governor shouldn’t be spreading this kind of thing, even as a joke. If you want to be taken seriously you need to act the part.


  2. Good old Maine,,How I.miss your dry dense of English/Irish humour!!
    Cereally..I was living in Springvale (is it syill thete..or has Massachusetts swallowed it up yet??) in 1969, when the announcement arrived that a Micky D’s would be built in Sanford, thus eliminating our requisite 45 minute drive to McD’s in Saco, plus avoiding the 20-30 minutes it took to get our Big Msc, Fries & Orange drink, plus the change back from our dollar!!
    Thankfully gasoline was only.22/gallon, so the roundtrip in our family boat -ska station wagon– for dinner cost $1.76 in gas!! (terrible mpg in those General Motors 454 Rocket V-8 engines!).
    Thankfully the Sanford McD’s opened and we were SAVED…until we’ arrive to discover the waiting time for burgers was 30-45 minutes…”oh, you eant fries with that? It’ll be 45-60 minute….OOPS…sorry..we’re out of burgers til tomorrow!!


  3. That’s a relief, I thought it was only us voters he didn’t listen too. I can sleep better tonight knowing his family feels the same as the majority of us Mainers. I suspect I’ll have nightmares about how that Big Mac escapes past his gastric bypass.


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