Weird: This Guy Rides a Bike to Work Even Though He’s Never Had an O.U.I.

South Berwick — One local resident has neighbors scratching their heads after it was discovered he rides a bike to work by choice, and not because he lost his license.

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“Never seen anything like it,” one neighbor said. “When I had my second O.U.I., I had to bike to get down to Hannaford’s when I worked there because it was too far to walk.”

“But he’s just riding for fun or something? Bit of an odd duck, I’d say.”

The cyclist, Jeremy Bouchard, 27, began riding his bicycle to his job at one of South Berwick’s coffee shops late last summer, something he claims to enjoy.

“I quit smoking in June and really wanted to take better control of my health,” he said.

Neighbors don’t know what to make of it.

“I guess I’ve seen kids riding their bikes for fun, but never a grown-up,” neighbor Pat Brown said. “Takes all kinds,” she added.

Neighbors were even more blown away when it was discovered Bouchard’s bicycle cost over $2000.

“You got to be shitting me,” Brown said, “that costs more than my truck.”






7 thoughts on “Weird: This Guy Rides a Bike to Work Even Though He’s Never Had an O.U.I.”

  1. Odd duck? Takes all kinds ! Are you kidding me ? Hats off to this man. He chooses for one to get exercise n taking co from if his life after quitting smoking. You don’t see this often in 20 something year olds. If I see him I’m going to shake his hand and tell him thank you. Journey/standish

    1. Jouney, did you read the article? Better give it another look. The guy’s an adult! But he’s RIDING A BIKE!

  2. Good one. I have been a dedicated pedestrian here in Maine for the past four years and repeatedly get stopped by passersby who are desperate to give me a ride, even if I’m only going a few blocks and the weather is gorgeous in every respect. In many cases I’ve gotten the impression that they view walking as some kind of nightmare!

  3. Regarding the cost: If it were $2k for a nice shotgun, set of ski equipment or fly fishing rig, you wouldn’t bat an eyelash.
    Sports equipment is like that. When people enjoy an activity, many of them become willing to spend more money to make their experience better.

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