Maker of Twisted Tea Had No Idea How Popular Its Cans Would be on Maine Roadsides

Cincinnati, OH —¬†Popular beverage maker The Twisted Tea company is surprised by the popularity of its alcoholic beverage refuse in the state of Maine.

“Our many flavors of Twisted Tea are the perfect match for the people of Maine,” a representative of the company said. “Unique, unexpected, and packing a punch, the people of Maine and Twisted Tea make a great pairing.”

“We’re blown away by how many Mainers enjoy our refreshing adult beverages even while riding shotgun in a car on a distant backroad.”

Twisted Tea features a customer photo on the back of its glass bottles, but for the first time in the company’s history, the featured photo is of the Airline between Wesley and Beddington.

“Thanks to the people of Maine for risking arrest to enjoy our delicious and refreshing tea-with-a-kick on the go,” the statement said.

Twisted Tea’s announcement sparked a bit of an online rivalry with Fireball whiskey manufacturer Sazerac Company.

“We bet Mainers leave more of our single-serving bottles on the sides of its beautiful backroads than you guys!” the company wrote on its official Twitter account.




Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

One thought on “Maker of Twisted Tea Had No Idea How Popular Its Cans Would be on Maine Roadsides”

  1. The Governor is using part of the new tax on the nip bottles to buy a fleet of 4 three wheel bicycles with baskets. Maine DOT workers adorned with recycle/repurposed hunting vest will strike out after deer season and collect these cans. The Governor said they will then use those cans to fill the potholes thereby saving 3 cents over the cost of cold patch. He also said he would give first dibs to the can tamping jobs to laid off teachers and women with little beards.

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