Rockland to Boston Passenger Rail Could Cut Trip to as Little as 8-10 Hours

Rockland — The Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority’s proposed return to Rockland means residents could leave the coastal community early in the morning and arrive in Boston just in time for a late supper.

The Downeaster hasn’t visited Rockland for over half a century, leaving residents with limited options if they want to reach the metropolis.

“Generally speaking, the only viable way to get from Rockland to Boston has been by steamer ship,” a representative for the NNEPRA said.

“It’s possible to walk from Rockland to Boston, but that trip would take days, if not weeks.”

With limited steamer runs from Rockland to Boston in part because of the lack of a municipal coal wharf, a train would be the best and fastest way to reach the Massachusetts capital.

“It’s as easy as getting on the train very early in the morning and then riding it as it makes stops every 30-45 minutes on its way to Boston,” the representative said.

Besides speed and convenience, the train is an excellent opportunity to see some of New England’s most picturesque industrial areas.

“You wouldn’t think there’d be much regional difference between a chainlink fence in Brunswick and one on Exeter, NH, and really there isn’t, but it’s nice to be able to experience it for yourself.”

Another bonus to rail travel is unlike a packed steamer, outside of when the Bruins are playing a home game, Amtrak trains are almost always completely empty.

Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

3 thoughts on “Rockland to Boston Passenger Rail Could Cut Trip to as Little as 8-10 Hours”

  1. This will put the bus service out of business and will surely have a negative effect on the obligatory traffic congestion at Reds Eats. I suspect the Wiscasset town council will again get out their cauldron and work their magic on Maine DOT to prevent this attempt at making a trip to Boston shorter and more convenient.


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