Maine’s Council of Grandfathers Convenes to Discuss All These Screens

Farmington — The Maine Council of Grandfathers called an emergency session for the first time in over a decade to discuss these kids and their computers.

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Grandfather Gerald Bubier, 77, of Newport was the first to speak at the session, held at the American Legion Hall in Farmington.

“Kids and their screens,” he said to a packed crowd of Maine grandfathers. The statement was met with a unanimous grumble of agreement.

“Don’t know how to do anything else!” one grandfather in the crowd shouted. All grandfathers attending the emergency session shook their heads and crossed their arms.

“How in the hell are you going to learn to shingle a roof looking at them screens all day?” one concerned grandfather asked.

“You can’t!” answered Richard Crockett, 80, of Houlton. “They’re always on these screens, just punching away on them.”

“No one knows how to do nothing these days!” Bubier exclaimed.

The meeting lasted several more hours, but no concrete plan to deal with kids and their screens was suggested.

After the meeting adjourned, the grandfathers talked off the record about how there’s nothing on Netflix worth watching anymore.


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  1. The meta of your mother reading this to your grandfather, who fought to not cross his arms during the reading, while he had previously been waxing poetic on the trappings of modern youth and their inability to appropriately fill their time was the highlight of my night. Your brother has video.

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