Neighbors Issue Statement About Jerry’s New Truck: ‘Must be Nice’

Standish — Jerry Thompson’s neighbors issued a formal statement about the Standish resident’s new truck.

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“Must be nice,” it reads. The statement is signed by members of Thompson’s neighborhood.

“Huh, I guess things are looking up for Jerry and Mabel,” one neighbor told us. “They were crying poor all summer, but whatever,” he said.

The truck is technically not new, but “pre-owned,” Thompson told us.

“It’s a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE,” he explained. “Got all the bells and whistles. Extended cab for the dogs, four-wheel drive, only got 50,000 miles.”

Another member of Thompson’s neighborhood suspects the decision to buy the truck was made by Thompson’s wife.

“Guess mumma finally let him off the leash,” he told us.

“Soon as I seen him pull into the dooryard I was like ‘Yup, friggin typical,'” another neighbor said.

Thompson said not much has changed with the ownership of his new truck, but there are already reports from some neighbors he’s switched to the high-test gas.


19 thoughts on “Neighbors Issue Statement About Jerry’s New Truck: ‘Must be Nice’”

  1. Heard about that truck all the way up in Wiscasset. Lot of concern that Jerry might get a notion to drive it up here next summer and park it in front of Reds Eats. We dont need that kind of show up here. Its enough to deal with the 60 people deep waiting on lobster rolls. Introduce a truck like that into the mix and no one will ever get across the damned bridge. Stay home Jerry!

  2. Those big city Standish know how to live! Bet he gets one of them “Maine bumpa stickas for the cah “ decals from Boothbay.

  3. That GMC is a nice example of “driveway jewelry”. Look at how much better that dooryard looks now with that thing parked out front!

  4. “Yup, friggin typical”; (That means Jerry is spending money he doesn’t have, to buy something he doesn’t need, to impress people he doesn’t know!)

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