Maine Dad Blames Brutal Hangover on Too Much Food

Limestone — Maine dad Raymond St Pierre issued a statement this morning regarding what he called “going a little too hard on the second helpings.”

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St Pierre, in addition to eating a large amount of food, also consumed more than his usual portion of beer and spirits. This morning the 45 year-old woke up feeling lethargic, dehydrated, and with a powerful headache.

“Something in that turkey always gets my head thumpin’,” he said.

During the previous evening, when the “good booze” started to come out, St Pierre made a preemptive statement about the potential for ill-effects.

“I’ll regret this tomorrow,” he said after finishing a mixed-drink beverage and starting on a six-pack of Strawberry Watermelon Twisted Teas with brother Carl St Pierre. He later clarified he meant he would regret grabbing a turkey sandwich at approximately 8:30.

Upon entering the kitchen this morning, St Pierre took two Advil and drank an entire glass of water in one pass. The man complained yesterday’s mashed potatoes had too much salt.

“Dries me out every time,” he said.

In spite of feeling terrible, St Pierre is optimistic about the leftovers in the family refrigerator.

“It was too good to not do it all over again,” he said, cracking open a 16-ounce Bud Light with breakfast.


4 thoughts on “Maine Dad Blames Brutal Hangover on Too Much Food”

  1. Hope they pace themselves headin ta Christmas. Better stock up on the Bud. With the Patriots doin so well and another cuppla big holidays, could get tough findin it down at the store!

  2. Plenty of “beer stores” around in my part of Maine. Trouble is, Old Milwaukee is getting harder and harder to find every day!

  3. Wow, same thing happened to me on Friday morning Raymond. I felt like the “shit salesman with a mouthful of samples”. Hopefully Jr will find some more Old Milwaukee on his next trip to the beer store!

  4. What part of Strawberry Watermelon Twisted tea is good booze? This guy sounds like he would call Boone’s Farm fine wine. Go drink some Allen’s straight and Get outta here ya drunk.

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