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When This Local Yacht Club Needed Better Amenities, Tax Payers Banded Together to Give it $1 Million

Rockland — One local marina couldn’t put together a suitable gazebo for yachtsmen docked at its facility, so this local community, as well as members of every tax-paying community in the US, banded together it to give it $1 million.

The marina’s website promised “every amenity imaginable for the cruising yachtsman or seasonal guest,” but the amenities couldn’t compete against other, better-connected marinas with fancier lounges.

But here in Maine, people treat one another differently. They do whatever they can to help each other out, and if that means getting Uncle Sam to do his part, then so be it.

Fisherman and sportsmen alike paid a few extra dollars on fuel and equipment to help fund a federal grant program.

All their hard work was worth it in the end, knowing the taxes they paid on equipment and fuel would be used to help a local, privately-gated marina get the funds it so desperately needed.

Even Congresswoman Chellie Pingree got in on the action, lauding the improvements that will turn a dusty old gazebo into a well-appointed transient boater’s lounge and helping kick in another $400,000 to improve pump-out facilities.

The best part? The pump-out facilities will be used by people who think their shit doesn’t stink.

The way life should be? Absolutely!