Outdoorsman Welcome the Official Start of Maine’s Poaching Season

Statewide — While it’s still legal for hunters to bag deer with bow or black powder, Maine’s poaching community is already gearing up for a banner poaching season.

Poaching season, which lasts all year long, begins at sundown on the last regular day of rifle season in Maine, and runs for 11 months of the year.

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Unlike hunting season, there’s no bag limit for poaching season, nor any restrictions on deer gender. It also allows hunters to use whatever means they deem necessary to bag some freezer meat.

“Used to know a guy who was right lethal, basically a sniper. One shot to the head with a .22 drops them about every time,” one Mainer, who wished to remain nameless, told us.

“If you see someone with plow gear and it’s June, he’s plowing something but it sure isn’t snow,” another told us of a popular method where a truck is used in place of traditional projectile methods.

“Tenderizes the meat,” he said.

Some poachers see the season as a chance to do their part to help out their neighbors.

“People are always bitching about how we have too many deer so it’s nice to make a difference.”




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  1. These are the same 11 months when you whisper “Git your deer yet?” instead of yelling it out loud when you see your buddies.

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