Uncle Henry’s Releases Its Annual Swimsuit Issue

Augusta — Maine’s famous Uncle Henry’s swap or sell it guide put the final wraps on its much anticipated annual swim suit issue.

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The issue is a departure from the usual Uncle Henry’s weekly offerings, with the normal categories being expanded by one for the special event.

After “Stoves” and between “Swap & Trade” and “Tickets & Travel,” the once-a-year “Swimsuit” category is nestled comfortably.

The annual tradition first began almost two decades ago, in 1999. Facing greater pressure from the world of online classifieds, the Maine institution decided to do something radical and published its first swimsuit issue.

Unlike more well-known swim suit issues like Sports Illustrated, in which models’ careers can be made, the Uncle Henry’s issue doesn’t feature a cover model. Instead, it features much the same art, with the character on the cover wearing next year’s hottest swim fashions.

Another departure from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is how Uncle Henry’s remains editorially consistent, eschewing photographs for 30-word or fewer descriptions of the sexiest swimwear.

Take for example, “lace-up flower 2-piece, on the shores of Hawaii’s Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, serious inquiries only $140 obo Rumford, ME.”

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  1. Hey Now! Since 1977, I’ve never looked past the Snowmobile category and missed out on the “soft-pore corn”. I’m gonna renew my Uncle Henrys subscription today and pay more attention!

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