Experts Predict Every Mainer Will Run for Governor in 2018

Augusta — Political scientists warn Maine is reaching peak candidateship, estimating 1 in every 1 Mainer will announce their candidacy for governor in the next few months.

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“It’s astonishing,” lead researcher Jeremy Akers said.

“We ran the numbers, but at the current rate of candidacy announcements, no matter which model we used, they all returned the same results,” he said.

That result is 100% of Maine residents joining the already crowded run for governor in the next several weeks.

This couldn’t come at a worse time, according to the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices.

“Oversight will be almost, if not totally, impossible in the 2018 election,” according to chair Margaret Matheson.

“Huge conflicts of interest arise when everyone keeping an eye on the gubernatorial election is also running for governor.”

Since this morning, dozens more Mainers have announced their own candidacies, including Jay Whitmore of Deering, Sally Thiebault of Presque Isle, and Maine rapper Spose.

“I already declared myself King of Maine,” Spose said in a statement. “Why not governor, too?”



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