Archaeologists Uncover Evidence of a Forgotten Floor in Maine Man’s Truck

Fort Kent — A team of archaeologists studying ancient structures in Maine has made an astonishing discovery.

After following several clues and months of research, the team found what appears to be a floor at the bottom of local resident Paul Robichaud’s extended cab 2002 F-150.

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“This is a completely unexpected find,” lead archaeologist Angela Scribner said during a press conference announcing the discovery.

“Rumors of a floor in Robichaud’s truck have been circulating for years, but most people dismissed them as fanciful tales.”

Scribner likened the discovery to uncovering Atlantis, or finding a living Sasquatch.

“It’s this mythological thing, and we found evidence that it might be more than just a myth.”

The team found evidence for the floor beneath a layer of sediment including spent shotgun shells, empty cans of Molson Ice, junk mail, Dunkin Donuts wrappers, losing scratch-offs, and even a little bit of weed.

“These are fairly common items in a site like this.”

However, after some digging, the corner of what appeared to be a floor mat appeared. That’s when the team closed off the site.

“We didn’t expect that at all,” Scribner said. The archaeologists decided to regroup and re-outfit themselves for a new  purpose.

“Originally we were just looking for a damn lighter,” Scribner said.


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  1. I’m gonna print this one out and give it to the wife – she builds squirrel nests like that in her car. (Took me months to get my car cleaned out after I let her use it for a while – hay, straw, dog food, chicken food, loam – damn thing could support a crop in it by the time she was through with it…)

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