Meet the 5 Year-old Boy Whose Simple Car Drawing Is Now Maine’s Most Popular Subaru

Westbrook — Breidynn Smith loves to draw cars. He loves them so much, it’s almost an obsession. But since he’s only five years old, it’s not cause for alarm. In fact, he’s pretty typical for his age.

What isn’t typical is how a drawing he made over the summer break is now Maine’s best-selling Subaru. The untitled drawing is endearingly amateur, with little in the way of curves or skill beyond that of a typical kindergartner.

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It only has one thing written on it: “4 wheel drive.” When designers from Subaru saw the child’s adorable drawing, they set to work turning it into a reality.

The result? The Subaru Forester is now Maine’s most popular Subaru model, and it’s all thanks to the work of a fun-loving tyke.

Breidynn is just like the other tykes in his class, but none of them have designed a top-selling Subaru.

“We’re just so proud,” his parents said. “We never expected something so child-like to become so popular.”

“We wanted something that wasn’t conventionally attractive, but also without any flair or flash. Something like a child would design after being handed a box of crayons and being instructed to draw a car to the best of their ability,” a representative for Subaru told us.

“Little Breidynn’s design captured everything we were hoping for,” he said.

The 2018 Subaru Forester doesn’t have 4-wheel drive, but it is all-wheel drive, something Mainers value in the snowy months.

“For years we’ve joked ‘what’s the worst looking car we could design and still have people in Maine buy them?’ And thanks to little Breidynn, now we know,” Subaru said.


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  1. Encourage little Breidynn to draw some Double-Wides or 4-wheelers too. Plenty of both of them in Maine and most of them could use some improvement!

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