Car With New York License Plates Eyed Suspiciously

Ellsworth —  People in this Down East Maine community want to know why a car with New York plates is driving around at this time of year.

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“Sure as hell aren’t going to Acadia,” one resident said upon spotting the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage with telltale yellow Empire State tags.

“I’d like to know,” one woman told us, quickly changing her mind. “On second thought, I’d probably rather not!”

The woman explained she strongly suspects the car has something to do with drugs.

“Drug dealing or drug running, something drugs,” she said.

Others believe the car must be visiting in the down-season for a different reason.

“Probably wants to buy someplace cheap and turn it into a organic coffee shop or something foolish,” according to Ray Sawyer, 52.

“Just what we need is people from away turning us into Bar Harbor,” he said.

The general consensus among witnesses is the car is most definitely involved with drugs, as it’s “the only reason someone from friggin New York would be up here at this time of year,” we were told.

A quick online search of the plate revealed the car belongs to Enterprise Car Rental. A representative for the company told us it was being used by a military member traveling to Jonesport for the holidays.

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  1. Oh yea there a Ford Taurus I see up here from NY plates and he drives around millbridge with jilt on his face

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