Yard Sale Celebrates 10th Year of Operation

Old Town — When Jerry Butler cleaned out his shed and put a sign in front of the pile in his dooryard, he had no idea he was working on a goal few small business owners realize: longevity.

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In 2007, after getting “fed up looking at all that junk” cluttering up his work area, Butler spent most of a weekend moving it into his front yard. But rather than throw it all out, Butler was overcome with an entrepreneurial spirit.

He grabbed a piece of cardboard and a marker and wrote Yard Sale on it, then hung the sign on his garage. That day alone, he made $15.

Over the course of the last 10 years, Butler has made even more money, almost doubling the amount, to $27.

“Probably be more, but people come in here talking this or that,” he said.

“Then they say ‘I’ll give you $5 for that saw,’ and I’ll say ‘I don’t think so, bub, I bought that saw for $35 and only used it once,” Butler explained.

“If they ask, I’d let it go for $32.50,” he told us of the Craftsman saw which spent the last 9 winters in direct contact with the ground.

As for the future, Butler is talking of expanding his operation.

“Barn in the back is driving me crazy. Like to clean it out and sell what’s in it,” he told us.

“As long as people don’t try to screw me over on prices,” he added.

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3 thoughts on “Yard Sale Celebrates 10th Year of Operation”

  1. Looks like a pretty nice big blue tarp you got there Jerry. I’d probably give you $3 cash money for it, even if you used it more than once!

  2. That tarp would look awful good on top of my woodpile out back. I ‘magine it looks big enough to cover up the old Moto-Skis and the woodpile together! How about $5, Jerry!!

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