Maine’s Biggest Fan? This Guy Has Never Left the State

Carmel — Lots of people love the state of Maine, but how many of them love it so much, they never leave? One local man might just be the state’s number 1 fan.

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Kevin Bowers grew up, went to school, graduated, got a job, and still parties, in the same town he was born in. He’s such a Maine superfan, he’s only ever considered leaving briefly.

“I guess maybe I’d go to Boston, but since Crapachussetts is so numb about gun laws I can’t conceal and carry so definitely not going there any time soon,” he said.

“Get mugged as soon as you round the corner off the bus,” Bowers said.

“I’d like to go to New Hampshire maybe,” he told us. “Hit up the state liquor store and whatever. Not much reason else to go to NH since you can get fireworks in Maine now.”

Bowers said he’s fine sticking to Maine, even with all the “yuppies.”

“At least I know they’re all down in Portland and Camden, which I never go to anyway,” he explained.

Bowers had flirted with the idea of leaving after high school to join the US Army, but an offer came up too good to refuse.

“Buddy of mine said he’d sell me his truck, thing was mint, so I had to stay around for that,” he said.

“Had the chip in it. Thing screamed.”

While he’s never left the state he loves, he has visited “tons of places” in Penobscot county.

“My sister lives in Hermon so I go there a bunch. Got a couple buddies in Bangor. Used to get weed from a dude upta Dexter.”

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2 thoughts on “Maine’s Biggest Fan? This Guy Has Never Left the State”

  1. Maybe next summer he could check out Maine’s beautiful coastline. At least go to Perry’s Nut House in Belfast, it’s worth the trip and he could be back to Carmel before dark!

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