Facebook Data Reveals Maine’s Fastest Growing Industry Is ‘Self-Employed and Loving It’

Menlo Park, CA — New Facebook data given to Maine’s Labor Department shows a surprising new industry emerging in the state.

“Self employed and loving it” is now Maine’s fastest growing industry, surpassing previous growth-industries like organic dairy farmer or beer sommelier.

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More and more Mainers are giving up traditional employment in favor of working for themselves, the social media juggernaut reports.

“From the coast of Camden to the potato fields of Aroostook County, Mainers are increasingly saying ‘goodbye’ to the 9 to 5,” the report reads.

While the self-employed and loving it industry is seeing rapid growth, Facebook explains it has a lot to do with how many different careers fall under its descriptive umbrella.

“Lobstermen are a large part of this new industry, but they aren’t the only ones.” According to Facebook, other careers in the self-employed and loving it industry include Herbalife representatives, people who run craft stores out of their living rooms, and even heroin dealers.

Facebook predicts 2018’s fastest growing industry in Maine will be Stay at Home Mom and Loving It.

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4 thoughts on “Facebook Data Reveals Maine’s Fastest Growing Industry Is ‘Self-Employed and Loving It’”

  1. I agree! Next spring I plan on becoming a free-lance yard-sale consultant, advising both the sellers and the buyers. Now that’s what I call enterprising!

  2. Well, some, Mister Man! Me and Mutha been putterin’ in the celler for years and doing pretty good, too. Don’t tell the DHS, though. They might come by and we’d lose that good state check we been using to buy stock in Allen’s for forty years. Dang!

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