Snow Comes at Perfect Time for Couple Whose Fridge Ran Out of Room for Beer

Appleton — For many, the first significant snowfall of the year brings with it the inconvenience of shoveling snow, but for one couple, the snowfall rescued them from having to suffer warm beer.

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Eric and Debra Gushee found themselves in a bit of a quandary Saturday morning. They had two 12-packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon, “Hipsterbrau” as the Gushees call it, but there wasn’t enough room in the refrigerator.

“We were starting to think we’d have to drink them warm come Saturday night” Eric Gushee said.

But around midday, the skies began to spit snow and the Gushees realized the night might not be ruined.

“I said to Eric, ‘hope this keeps up,’ because we just tuned up the sleds,” Debra Gushee told us.

“Then Eric says ‘hope this keeps up so we can get these beers cooled off,’ and by the Jesus, it kept up!”

Snowfall during Saturday’s storm was more than enough for the couple to put their beers on ice, or more accurately, on snow.

“We had a pile from shoveling a path through the dooryard and it was perfect height, so we just chucked them in there,” Eric said.

Not only did the snow accumulate enough for the Gushees to enjoy ice-cold PBRs at home, it also piled up in the bed of their pick-up truck, providing refreshing road sodas.

“A little booze cruising on a Saturday night with my sweetie, reminded me of high school,” Debra laughed.

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    1. Ganset used to brew a really nasty seasonal called Heffenreffer or some such. We had to drink some every year just to see how bad it was.

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