Soldier From Presque Isle Just Tells Everyone He Loves Lobster When Asked

Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan —¬†Specialist Travis Kenneson, currently serving in Afghanistan, has given up trying to explain he didn’t grow up near Maine’s coast.

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“First thing people say when they find out I’m from Maine is ‘Wow you must love lobster,'” Spc. Kenneson said.

“I used to try to tell them how I grew up in Presque Isle, which isn’t near the ocean at all, but that just confused them more,” he said.

“Usually they’d say ‘If it’s not near the ocean, why is it called Presque Isle,’ and then it would get even more annoying,” Kenneson explained.

After being asked about lobster more times than he could count, the Army Specialist, a mechanic with the First Armored Division stationed out of Fort Bliss in Texas, said he just gave up.

“Now I just say ‘Yeah I love it, it’s great,’ or I tell them I eat it all the time,” the 22-year old told us.

Kenneson tried telling people he didn’t like lobster, but that made things worse.

“Then they’d act all surprised, say something like ‘if I lived in Maine I’d eat it every day!’ and then argue with me, so now I just say I like it and move on.”

Kenneson, who’s never actually seen the ocean other than flying over it on an Air Force C-17, said he gets other questions about Maine, but lobster is the most common.

“After lobster, people will say ‘Wow, you must really love Stephen King,’ or ask if I live in a lighthouse,” he said.


6 thoughts on “Soldier From Presque Isle Just Tells Everyone He Loves Lobster When Asked”

  1. I tell people from out of state that Maine winter storms aren’t that bad, so long as there’s still power going to the electric bear fences. But when our tallow generators run out of juice, whoah boy, you best grab your shotgun and find someplace to hide lest the bear packs sees you.

  2. Just tell them, “Ayuh, I love my Moxie, my Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy, Perry’s Nut House, Governor LePage, and my Bean Boots!”

  3. Just tell them “I ate so many potatoes growing up that I grew sprouts on my ear loabs.” And “I ate so many blueberries that it turned my green eyes blue.”

  4. If they’re so confused about Presque Isle, instead just tell them you’re from Mars Hill, which isn’t near Mars either!

  5. I am from the County and here and NC when it gets cold, people always say, oh you must be use to the cold (although I have not lived in Maine in 20 years). I say, Yeah, because in Maine we always stood around outside all winter long. Ugh.

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