Election 2018: Chellie Pingree Seen Measuring Blaine House for Possible Chicken Coop

Augusta — More evidence of a possible 2018 gubernatorial run by Congresswoman Chellie Pingree has appeared, with neighbors reporting Pingree was seen at the Blaine House taking measurements and soil samples.

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Pingree, who owns a farm on North Haven island, has not made an official announcement on a run for governor, but evidence is mounting.

After taking measurements to “just feel it out,” according to witnesses,  Pingree was overheard asking one of the groundskeepers if the grass on the lawn was certified USDA organic. She also asked how neighbors feel about mobile chicken coops.

“Can’t imagine why she’s asking that, unless she plans to raise cows on the lawn as governor of Maine,” the employee, who wished to remain anonymous, told us.

She also reportedly also asked if the neighborhood had any ordinances against goats, hinting at the possibility of a governor’s creamery should Pingree win the vote.

The crowded field of candidates currently stands at 20, but so far, none of the other candidates have been spotted at the Blaine House with one exception: Republican Michael Thibodeau was spotted earlier in the fall banking the house with pine boughs.

“Those old houses are something drafty,” he reportedly said.

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2 thoughts on “Election 2018: Chellie Pingree Seen Measuring Blaine House for Possible Chicken Coop”

  1. If she needs any manure or pure BS for her gardens or compost pile, she could always wheelbarrow some over from the Capitol Building next door. There’s at least 7 years worth been piling up!

  2. Thanks for the “previous and next post” option. Folks like me get anxious when they learn they may have missed a “news” report. Instead of surfing FB, I now spend 15 minutes each morning surfing back and forth re-reading the news. Time well spent.

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