Financially Literate Mainer Mistaken for Secret Millionaire

Midcoast — A 27 year-old man who’s building his own home is presumed to come from money, according to sources.

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Chris Drinkwater, who grew up in southern Maine, spent most of his life making sound financial decisions in anticipation of someday settling down and building a house.

“I know it’s harder to get a loan on a stick-built, so I’ve just been socking money away for-friggin-ever,” he said.

Neighbors believe Drinkwater built his home using money willed to him by wealthy relatives.

“Comes here, got nothing, has nothing for years, then builds a house? Funny how that works,” one neighbor said.

Neighbors also point to the number of packages arriving at Drinkwater’s home.

“Sure likes to shop on Amazon,” a neighbor told us. “Probably gets a box a day. Pretty easy to do when money just shows up at the start of the month, I bet.”

Drinkwater, who works three jobs, doesn’t like to splurge on small, impulsive things, instead opting to save his money for more meaningful expenditures like trips abroad.

“Show me someone who needs to work, who can up and go to Europe for a month?” another neighbor pointed out. “There’s definitely some money there.”

Drinkwater hopes to finish work on his house, which he’s been building over nights and weekends for the last 3 years, within another year.

“Just have one final push and then I can be done with it,” he said. “Hard to find time when you have the money and hard to find money when you have the time.”

His neighbors think something else might be holding up construction.

“I hear when he turns 28 he gets a million from his trust fund, so he’s waiting on that.”



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