Class D Basketball Game Called Off After Ball Gets Stuck Behind Wood Stove

Greenville — A rare “tie-game” was called during the second half of a high school basketball game after the ball was unable to be retrieved by either team.

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A loose pass caused the ball to travel out-of-bounds, where it became lodged between the wall and the gym’s wood stove.

“The stove was almost too hot to go near by then,” said Greenville High School wood attendant Jerry Chasse.

“Ball didn’t stand a chance. That stove was testifying,” Chasse said, referring to the strong draft being pulled by the expertly built and maintained fire inside.

While there was worry among the crowd in attendance the ball might catch fire, a hole melted through, quickly deflating it and causing it to fall limp to the floor.

“Stunk something awful,” Chasse said.

An obscure rule set by the Maine Principals Association states when a ball is lost behind a gym woodstove or knocks out a barn or boatshop window during a game, the game is declared a tie.

The Greenville Lakers Girls Varsity team was up 72 points over Bangor Christian Academy when the incident occurred. “Closest game in years,” Chasse said.

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  1. Congratulations, crew, for fooling ESPN Radio’s Golic & Wingo into thinking this was the real deal! They just read it. (Oh, the school’s name is Bangor Christian SCHOOL, not Academy. Other than that, beautiful job!)

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