Financial Troubles? This Scarborough Bar Only Serves Drinks in Jars

Scarborough — Guests of the town’s hottest new watering hole, Pört, are worried the business might have financially over-extended itself.

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Most of the cocktails served at Pört come in a Ball jar, prompting many patrons to suspect times may be tough for its owners.

“I ordered a beer and it came in a jar, like how grape juice was when I was a kid and we lived at my grandmother’s house with my 4 cousins,” said Whiting native Mike Carver.

“On top of that, business must be down because the drink was pricey as hell, probably to make up the difference for lost sales,” Carver, who now lives in Westbrook, said.

Pört owner Sven Mitchell of Greenwich, CT, claims the jars aren’t a cost-saving measure, but are instead meant to evoke a quirkiness and down-home feeling.

“It’s kind of like how we have PBR on tap but charge 6 bucks for a jar-full,” Mitchell said.

But Carver isn’t convinced: The bar also offers food beginning at 5 and ending at 8 o’clock each night. “I ordered some fried clams and all the silverware was mismatched,” Carver told us.

“Looks like they just went to the thrift store and grabbed a couple fistfuls. Too bad, the people who own this place seem nice.”

Carver suspects the troubles may be due to Mitchell’s choice of automobile, a Mercedes C 350e hybrid.

“I bet the payments have him flat-out,” Carver explained.

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  1. When we was kids, we drank Kool-Aid and Funny Face out of empty jelly jars with the Flintstones on them. And we liked it!

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