This Camden Couple Loves the Environment So Much, They Own 3 Hybrids

Camden — If saving the Earth were a competition, Gene and Jean Harrington would take home the top prize.

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The Camden couple, both huge environmentalists, love Mother Earth so much they own three hybrid cars: a 2011 Toyota Prius, a 2015 Prius, and a 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE550e.

But that’s not all this power couple is doing to save the planet. The Harrington’s bought a Victorian-era sea captain’s house and gutted it, updating everything with the latest and greatest in the world of energy efficiency.

The amount of energy it takes to heat the gorgeous 4,500 sq. ft. home is equivalent to what it normally takes to heat a non-energy efficient 3,000 sq.ft. home, a huge win for Gaia.

All the lighting in their spacious monument to efficient, clean living is state-of-the-art LED, controlled by a central computer in the basement.

What’s even cooler is when the Harringtons are away at one of their other houses, like the ultra-efficient ski house in Colorado, or the solar powered beach house in St. John, they can monitor and control the lighting and heat at the Camden home over the Internet.

Gene, who worked as an investment banker for the oil and gas industry before retiring to Maine, says he takes pride in being so environmentally conscious. Jean, too, prides herself on the good feelings their decisions give them.

“We love cantaloupe,” Jean confessed, “but don’t want to have it shipped from thousands of miles away in the winter months, so we built a USDA certified organic green house to grow our own.”

Organic and locally sourced? That’s something our planet can really appreciate.

The icing on the cake of the Harrington’s love of all things Earth are the special agriculture license plates on all of their vehicles, even their two non-hybrid cars.

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8 thoughts on “This Camden Couple Loves the Environment So Much, They Own 3 Hybrids”

  1. Hmmm…actually, we own two Prius cars, a 2006(150,000 miles) and 2010(110,000 miles). I don’t know, should we be embarrassed?

      1. Oh, the ‘can you see us in a Prius’ power couple. How’s those (-) 10 temps treating your batteries?

  2. Whoa, talk about living the dream! Five cars and three places to live! Priuses (Priusi?) are also shipped thousands of miles (from Japan to the USA) you know. Wishing I had sustainable cantaloupe and five special license plates too!

  3. Power couple regrets carbon-footprint they’ve left by racking up frequent flier miles but vows to pursue solar-powered jet technology as soon as their busy schedule permits.

  4. I’m Eco conscious too! We have 6 cars if you count the two Jag XJ8L’S that haven’t moved in two years waiting for restoration. How’s that for zero footprint, no emmissions!
    The remainder of our fleet , 2 Saabs, a ’05 Kia Sportage(saved it from going to the scrappers) are all over 10 years old.
    Frugality is the best form of being green.

  5. So sick of elitist liberals that are driven by hypocrisy. I kept getting preached to by “environmentalists” only to find out they drove gas guzzling SUV’s or trucks, and live in huge houses. I just traded my Prius in for a 2019 Tacoma since we only have another 10 years anyway.

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