Portland City Council Beats Back Mayor Strimling’s Invading Orc Army

Castle Stonemark, Portland — The armies of the Portland city council were victorious in their defense of Castle Stonemark, ancient home of the kings and burial ground of dragons.

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Mayor Ethan Strimling amassed a great orc army, pulled from the depths of the darkest caves of the otherrealms, to rout the city council. At risk was the great store of gold, hoarded by councils for a thousand years and locked safely in the City Hall Keep.

Fortunately for the council, Strimling’s army was unable to breach so much as a single gate of the fortified Castle Stonemark. Hot oil, and arrows as numerous as grains of sand on the beach, rained down from her walls, as has happened a thousand times in as many centuries.

Had Strimling’s army violated the sacred grounds of the City Hall throne room, the right to rule the realm would have been his and his alone. Keeper of the Scepter Councilor Kimberly Cook was spirited away to a secret chamber, kept watch by the elite Portland City Council Knights of the Bay.

Strimling, defeated and disappointed, retreated when it became clear the battle was lost.

“The giants of Morg h’thai, bathed in the blood of their foes and drunk with blind rage, were struck down by the city council’s ballista. None of my generals knew of such a weapon, and now none of my generals’ heads remain on their shoulders!” Strimling said in a statement.

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