When This Man Traveled to Visit His Sick Mother, Neighbors Banded Together to Suspect Him of Running Drugs

Brownville — Gabe Perkins makes frequent trips to visit his mother in Massachusetts, prompting his neighbors to gossip about his whereabouts almost constantly.

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Perkins’ mother, who moved to Sharon, Massachusetts when she remarried in 1998, has fallen ill, prompting her son to make frequent visits at great personal hardship.

Perkins neighbors, one of whom spotted the man with a bag of snacks from Stop & Shop, a Massachusetts-based grocery chain, are certain the purpose of his trips is drug trafficking.

“Never trusted that kid,” one anonymous neighbor told us. “Always sneaking around. Even when he was a kid he’d just look at you and you could tell,” she said, although she was unclear what it was she was able to discern from his looks.

Perkins, whose step-father is on disability and whose mother’s illness is preventing her from working, has been helping the pair make much-needed repairs on their small home.

“Seen him a couple of weeks ago with a pair of pretty flashy boots. Like to know where the money for those came from if it wasn’t drugs,” another neighbor told us.

The boots were a gift from his step-father, who had bought them for himself but was unable to wear them following an injury.

Several more of Perkins’ neighbors told us they’d like to “choke that bastard out” for “bringing that poison into our town.”

As of this writing, none of the concerned neighbors have spoken to Perkins, but one neighbor did try to explain the truth behind his whereabouts.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” one neighbor said, while actually intending not to believe anything that might poke holes in the comfortable, hateful story.


2 thoughts on “When This Man Traveled to Visit His Sick Mother, Neighbors Banded Together to Suspect Him of Running Drugs”

  1. Hey – the fact that it wasn’t drug running is irrelevant. It makes for a better story than the one about his sick mother – right – and his injured stepfather. I mean, who cares? We’ve all got problems, right? It’s much better to believe the worst about someone – more fun and more salacious! (I don’t know what ‘salacious’ means, but I always wanted to use it in a sentence {of course, where else would you use it?}. For the record, I hope his mother gets better and that his stepfather gets new boots; I also hope the guy gets what’s coming to him for running drugs. And if he wasn’t running drugs why wasn’t he? He could have made scads of money to help his sick mother. Thinking only of himself, cheap son of a b.
    And so on this eve of Christmas eve I just want to say “Bah, humbug, go see ‘Make A Wish’, tiny Tim, and leave me alone”

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