Gazetteer Disintegrates Into Dust During Trip to Eustis

Route 27 — Dixmont native Don Adams’ beloved Maine Atlas and Gazetteer was unable to complete the trip from Dixmont to Eustis yesterday.

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Adams, traveling with his wife Sarah to visit their daughter and son-in-law in Eustis for the Christmas holiday, had meticulously planned out the route, noting which pages and grid numbers needed to be quickly referenced.

Outside of Solon on Route 201, the Gazetteer shuddered in Sarah’s hands before evaporating into the heated air of the Adams’ 2008 Ford F-150. The particles were “finer than baby powder,” she said.

“It made a sound like a sigh, of relief almost, and then it was gone,” Don said.

Don bought the Gazetteer in 1989 during a family trip to Bangor to go school shopping for the kids. The Gazetteer was predeceased by seven different vehicles.

The Adams’ were left completely without navigational tools, due to Don’s TracPhone being a simple flip-style. Sarah’s phone does have “smart” capabilities, but unfortunately she hadn’t charged it with enough minutes for data.

Thankfully they were able to make it to their daughter’s house by following behind a truck with a “Getting Useless in Eustis!” bumper sticker.

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4 thoughts on “Gazetteer Disintegrates Into Dust During Trip to Eustis”

  1. That is what happens to ’em! I guess mine is pretty close, Maps 1-4 are gone (which is no big deal, as I never go downstate that far if I can help it), but I could be in trouble next time I head for Wytopitlock or Grand lake Matagamon….

  2. First of all, no one lives in Eustis, and no one travels to Eustis this time of year except for that bunch of guys that head up there every New Year’s Day to go skinny dipping in the lake. After they’ve had a few growlers of Moosehead Rut, the latest IPA from Wallagrass. And certainly no one drives an 8 year old F 150 up there this time of year. A Humvee is the only thing to use in those parts come winter. You can pick up a fairly new Humvee at Joe’s Radiator Shop (motto: “A Good Place To Take A Leak”) in Oquossoc. And no, I don’t know Joe – his son Herman runs the shop now – I mention the place only because Herm treats you right, especially if you found his place using your Gazetteer. I had a Gazetteer once – was a real gaz guzzler, but certainly better than going around in a Snit, and way better than being in a Huff – a Huff gets you nowhere. That bunch of guys that jump in the lake come New Year’s, they call themselves the Eustis Eunuchs – ’cause after they’ve been in the water for a few seconds they all sing the most beautiful soprano. No, I’m not going to explain that to you, Gertrude. Next time, pay attention.

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