Christmas Display Unplugged Until Next Year

Gardiner — Presents were unwrapped and dinner was enjoyed, and with Christmas behind us, Kevin Berry is unplugging his Christmas lights for the last time this year.

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“It’s always a little sad,” Berry said. “Every year after Christmas I unplug the lights from the outlet on the porch and it’s the official end of the Berry family festivities.”

Berry hung the lights in 2013 to celebrate his first Christmas with wife Tammy and left them plugged in until almost February.

“Light bill was something else that year, so now we just unplug them on the day after Christmas,” Berry said.

Originally, the colored light set blazed bright into the cold dark night, but the colors have settled into a dull pastel hue.

“That August sun is hard on the south-facing lights,” Berry said. “Kind of like the look of them now, though. No one else has the same colors.”

Several of the strings have stopped working over the last few years, but the Berrys aren’t too terribly concerned.

“If they don’t work come November, we have a bunch more down in the cellar from Tammy’s aunt who died a couple years back,” Berry said.

While the final unplugging of the lights is a melancholy occurrence each year, Berry takes some solace knowing should he need them, the lights are always there.

“Usually we fire them up on the Fourth of July,” he said.

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