Overly Confident 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Seen Dining at Governor’s

Lewiston —¬†Candidates for the 2018 election still have months of campaigning, but one hopeful is acting like he’s already won the seat as Maine’s highest elected official.

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Social worker and 2018 hopeful Richard Light was spotted at the Lewiston location of Governor’s Restaurant and Bakery, according to sources familiar with the matter.

“Guess he’s pretty confident,” said political analyst Gerald Thibedeau.

Light, a privately-funded Libertarian candidate from Lewiston, has been seen visiting Governor’s several times since announcing his candidacy, something ethicists are concerned about.

“This kind of signal could undermine confidence in our democracy,” Thibedeau explained.

“Voters see someone enjoying a Sizzlin’ Special from Governor’s and think the race is already decided.”

Light declined our request for comment, but one employee at the Lewiston location told us Light eats there so often, he’s almost accrued enough Gov’s Club reward points to get $10 off his next meal.

So far none of the other 20 candidates for governor of Maine have had the audacity to treat themselves to meal at Governor’s, although Green Party candidate Jay Dresser is rumored to have “the munchies” regularly.

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One thought on “Overly Confident 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Seen Dining at Governor’s”

  1. So Governor’s has “seen the Light”, so to speak. That is significant. Gov. Lepage has been seen many times at Hot Dogs by Simones, and he’s often been called a ‘hot dog’ for his antics – so the correlation is obvious. To further complicate matters, we do not know what Light eats at Governor’s – one would suppose it is diet food, which is ‘lighter’ fare, but ol’ Gerry neglects to tell us this rather telling point. We do know that if Lepage does eat whilst at Hot Dogs, he most assuredly eats hot dogs, They serve little else and a good ol’ red hot dog with all this fixin’s is a well-balanced meal all by itself – well, it is if you have at least 2 of them. Gerry, by the way, has a periodic column in the Lewiston Daily Gastroenteritis and Haematoma Gazetteer, and that scandal sheet often runs stories and ads about and for Simones. The question is: is Gerry really impartial or does he acknowledge where his bread is buttered, so to speak; in other words, can he cut the mustard, does he relish true freedom of the press, or is he just doggin’ it as a flack for Lepage? Stay tuned.

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