Wardens Warn Frigid Temps Could Lead to Burst Beers for Ice Fishermen

Statewide — While lakes and ponds across the state are seeing an uptick in activity, wardens want fisherman to be aware of the dangers posed by exposure to freezing temperatures when it comes to beer.

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“No one loves anything more than a frosty cold one when ice fishing,” Warden Travis Smith said. “However, people need to be aware, when the temperatures are this cold, beer can freeze up on you and burst quicker than you might think.”

That could mean an entire day is ruined.

“You bring a 30 rack to the ice and before you know it, you’ve lost 15, 16 beers, and you’ve still got a whole day of fishing ahead of you,” Smith said.

“I’ve seen it happen too often,” he said, visibly upset. “No one wants to run out of beer before noon.”

Care should be taken to protect beer from the freezing temperatures, especially early on.

“An ounce of prevention equals 12 ounces of refreshment,” Smith said.

One method many fisherman employ is to drink their beers fast enough they don’t freeze. But Smith said this method requires an extra step of preparation.

“If you’re going to blast a case between you and your buds on the ice, you absolutely must have a bottle of Fireball on hand for the late afternoon,” he said.

Smith said burst glass bottles are especially tragic.

“You may be tempted to just eat the beer slush, but you will cut up your gums and lips on broken glass something fierce.”

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11 thoughts on “Wardens Warn Frigid Temps Could Lead to Burst Beers for Ice Fishermen”

  1. As any real ice fisherman knows, the first hole you drill is the one for the beer. Drill just deep enough to crack the bottom and let water fill the hole, but not all the way through. Place beers in the hole and you’re stylin. The top ones may catch a little frost, but that’s why you bring 30.

  2. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages but I felt it was important to share this will my drinking friends. Most are sleeping in right now but later in the day they will get up and receive these warnings.

  3. Also, remember, the National Safety Council reminds you,
    “Do not drink while driving.”
    “You might hit a bump and spill the whole thing.”

  4. IS this bright info forwarded as part of their job duties???? Didn’t know these wardens are being paid to give out such information. This is abuse of this position and their badge, is this warden the person assigned to speak for the department??? If not he should be informed of his duties. Then he should be disciplined

  5. Just shows how smart the wardens are “Beer then whiskey mighty risky, whiskey then beer never fear” drink your Fireball first!!!!!!!!

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