Mainers Sharply Divided on the Way Life Should Be

Orono — A new study from the University of Maine shows Mainers have vastly different ideas of how things should be in the state.

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While most agree on the terms of how life should be in broad terms, when it comes to specifics, Mainers are all over the map.

For example, most Mainers agree life in the summer is about enjoying the warmth and beauty, but for some that means sipping wine and nibbling cheese on a private dock.

“Sounds like some yuppie shit to me,” said Kevin Plourde of Winslow.

“Summer is about drinking some beers and getting up to whatever after work,” he told us.

When it comes to winters, Mainers are just as likely to disagree.

“Snow shoeing, cross country skiing, these are how my partner and I love to spend Maine’s short winter days,” Connie MacCauliffe said. “Nights are for cozying up to the woodstove with a good book.”

“Woodstove sounds about right but I’d rather spend the day on the hard water or blasting some trails on the sled,” Donna Carlson said.

While no two Mainers can agree on the proper way for life to be, splitting into two neat camps with similar interests shared among members, both camps agree on one thing: the other side has it all wrong.

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5 thoughts on “Mainers Sharply Divided on the Way Life Should Be”

    1. I emigrated from MA to FL and tell people to think of me as a refugee. Would like to get back up that way to visit some Maniacs in upper Maine and Loonies in Nova Scotia.

  1. NH: The way life just is, pretty much. MA: The way life is, with considerably more traffic and crime. CT: You should probably roll up your windows and lock your doors. Definitely lock your doors.

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