Huge Scandal: Down East Magazine Office Actually Located in the Midcoast

Rockport — Scandal has rocked Maine’s premiere magazine about Maine, with investigative journalists discovering a dirty secret in plain sight.

While the name Down East has marked this iconic periodical has been telling the stories of the people of Maine and those from away who love it, it looks to be a massive lie: Down East’s offices are located in Rockport, far from the craggy shores and expansive woodlands that mark the Down East region of Maine.

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“I’d say maybe if it were in Ellsworth, sure,” Dicky Ames of Cherryfield told us. “But even that’s stretching it. Ellsworth is just extreme East Midcoast.”

Other Washington County residents, proud Down Easters, had their own suggestions. Terry Mahar of East Machias suggested the magazine should move its headquarters to Jonesport at the very least.

“Still a little out west, though.”

Eastport resident Travis Pratt believes the magazine should move its offices to his town if it wants to continue using the name Down East.

“Can’t get much more down east than us, in spite of what those Lubec fellahs might tell you,” he said.

Down East did not return our request for it to change its name to Midcoast Magazine. However, we have uncovered even further, perhaps more damning evidence in favor of a name change: its sales offices are located in Portland.

“Jesus sufferin’ Christ,” Pratt said when we informed him. “Should call it Northern Massachusetts Magazine if that’s the case.”


27 thoughts on “Huge Scandal: Down East Magazine Office Actually Located in the Midcoast”

  1. Seems so Downeast Maine stretches from Campobello Island down Route 1 to Perry’s Nut House in Belfast, or maybe only as far as the Reny’s store parking lot. Beyond that is too civilized for me!

    1. I have just been informed by an old salt that Downeast Maine starts at the Canadian border and goes down Route 1 as far as the Reny’s or Marden’s in Ellsworth, one or the other, but no farther. Look it up in your DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer!

    1. It is located in Rockport (Coastal) Maine. For crying out loud, what is wrong with that? You made it sound like it was in Rockport Illinois or some place out West instead of the State of Maine. Get a Grip!

  2. I live in Floridaand think Mainers are a little off balanced. Down east should be the lower 100 miles along the Atlantic seaboard. Down + East = easy to figure out!!! P.P., Sarasota, Fl.

    1. Technically. “Mainers” cover the whole state. while those in the north are sometimes referred to as “Mainiacs” and those in the south especially from Portland down are often referred to as “Submainiacs”.

  3. I should have said, except for my dear friend Judy, who lives in Kennebunk (?), outside of Portland.

  4. Sounds like people got lot free time on there hands to worry about a magazine name It’s what they wanted to name it why is it such problems after all these years Just gives someone something to bitch about

    1. Exactly right. The magazine reports on many areas including downeast. It’s as bad as changing the name of schools mascot names. This world is so petty.

  5. Who cares where the main office sits; it’s what they write about that’s important. Have we all gotten so petty? Something like this is so very far from a scandal!!

  6. Really?? Does the location of it’s office really matter? It’s the magazine that counts, it doesn’t just cover the downeast area, it covers Maine!!!
    Stop finding fault with everything this is ridiculous.
    Don’t you have more important things to worry about?????

  7. They’s people who think “Down East” ought to mean Newfoundland. Now how’s that for a comeuppance? Besides, ever been to Rockport? Take away the Down East Magazine building and Rockport would cave in on itself. Andre the Seal oncet lived up to there, but he’s been long gone to seal heaven – so please don’t take away the only thin’ Rockport has left. Besides, folks from away – like the summer nuisances – think everythin; north of Bofton Towne is ‘downeast’. Personally, I don’t give an amply-diddle – I likes the magazine, and don’t give a pleasant doo-doo where it’s from.

  8. Great story — it’s a new genre: Maine tongue in cheek. Down East magazine has been around since 1954 — the same year Playboy started. It’s hard for people to remember but the term “Down East” has evolved over the years. Today we know that Rockport isn’t in “Downeast” Maine but back then, the term meant different things: it was a state of mind or way of life. In the 1800’s it referred to the first point of land when sailing down-wind from Massachusetts on the prevailing westerly winds (sailing down east). Other people use it to describe an area around Carteret County North Carolina that was first settled by acadians. My personal favorite is from the very first issue of Down East Magazine: “All we can say is that we are tuned to this particular parcel of earth, and we like its music.” It’s a hard thing to publish a magazine; keep it new and true. We love this particular parcel of earth and try our best to do it proud.

  9. Hey now! Playboy’s first issue was in December 1953 featuring Marilyn Monroe on the cover and it sold for 50 cents!

  10. Down East is just a big advertisement for jewelry and real estate that no native Mainer could ever afford anyway. Totally geared toward out of staters.

  11. This magazine is not for us Downeast. Most of the restaurants surveyed and articles about them are in the Portland Area. They rarely venture North of Rockland. This is a tourist magazine. Just look at the prices of the homes for sale in the back. have yet to see any doublewides. I think a better name would be Southern Maine Magazine.

  12. This is not a real article! So don’t believe everything you read on the internet. That is exactly how World War I got started!!!

  13. Scandal…Really? It’s just a magazine that I love. Once again, someone has nothing to do. This is why the world is the way it is.

  14. Get it right, folks. “Northeastern Massachusetts” is more like it. “Northern Massachusetts ” is NH south of Manchester!;)
    (Note the smiley face. This is parody, just like the article)

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