Maine Leads the Nation in Women Named Donna

South Portland — The National Institute of Donnas recognized Maine with its highest honor on Tuesday.

Of the 50 states and territories of the United States of America, Maine tops them all in the number of Donnas, according to the institute.

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“From Donna Akers to Donna Zimmerman, Maine has Donnas spanning the whole spectrum,” NID Spokesperson Donna Plourde said.

The National Institute of Donnas was formed in 1971 to study and promote Donnas in the United States. An International Institute of Donnas was formed in 1984 during Donnamania, but disbanded in 1992 after the Donnagate scandals.

The title is given not only to the state with the most Donnas, but also to states helping spread the good Donna word.

“If you know a Donna, you know someone good,” Plourde said with a smile.

However, not everyone is happy with the attention lavished on the state. Don A’Hearn of Stockton Springs said he’s “sick of it.”

“My name is Donald, but everyone calls me Don,” he said.

“But when people hear Don A’Hearn they just figure I’m one of these Donnas and lump me in with all of them,” he complained.

“‘Bout sick of it.”

This is the eighth year in a row Maine has led the nation in Donnas. The Committee for the Study of Kevins and the National Agency of Tammys have also given Maine their highest honors.


13 thoughts on “Maine Leads the Nation in Women Named Donna”

  1. Used to be alot of Juniors and Sonnys in Maine when I was growing up. Where’d they all go? Musta all died or moved outta state!

  2. You didn’t mention the American Society of Dougs, which has noted Maine’s important role for many years. The Knox County Chapter is renowned.

  3. I dint know ’bout the American Society of Dougs up to Knox County. i do know that the American Society of Drugs is located up to Somerset – their President is Lucien Sam David, LSD for short. The National Institute of Donnas, the Committee for the Study of Kevin and the National Agency of Tammy, have all recently voted Maine as # 1; course that was Ranked Choice Voting – which has been declared unconstitutional by the Maine Supreme Court – they was talking about the Maine Constitution, Alice. So all of this Maine as # 1 may be moot, iffy and/or pending, depending on one’s preference, background, or accuracy with darts. I do think it’s a good idea though. I may have a different opinion in the morning – but don’t wake me to find out. The American Interurban Academy of J. Plimtons does not appreciate interference with circadian rhythms.

  4. My legal first name is Donna, but I have always been called by my middle name. I grew up in Maine where I have a Cousin Donna, I had a classmate who was a Donna. My mom-in-law was also a Donna, so we shared the same name. When my husband was a little boy, he used to tell his mother that one day he was going to marry a girl named Donna. It just worked out that he did! I don’t believe Donna is a very common name, but it is a nice one. All the Donnas I have known have been great women. We need more of them.

  5. I did not know Maine was first in Donnas. Learn something new every day! Guess this makes Maine the ” Prima Donna State”? Who would have figured this, except perhaps for a few people in Portland.

  6. Long ago, my first girlfriend was named Donna, and she was really something. Man, I’d drag my bag over a mile of rusty razor blades, just to hear her tinkle in a tin can, over the telephone!

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