Governor Saved by Medical Science Still Refuses to Extend the Favor

Augusta — Governor Paul LePage, who was saved from an addiction to food by a last-ditch medical procedure, has yet to act on rules allowing the distribution of heroin-overdose drug Naloxone without a prescription.

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LePage, who was exhibiting early signs of diabetes before having much of his stomach bypassed to allow less room for food, believes giving people Naloxone without a prescription will only reinforce the “cycle of addiction.”

The Governor told a radio program in 2017 about the amazing recovery he’s enjoying since having bariatric surgery to help him lose weight.

More recently, both the governor and his wife Anne LePage spoke at the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery to champion what medical science could do to help both the governor and first lady get their lives back.

LePage’s own mother lost her vision and legs to diabetes, a painful memory for the governor, and one that served as a wake-up call to go through with the life-saving procedure.

LePage, who once said Naloxone “does not truly save lives; it merely extends them until the next overdose,” told the gathered group of doctors “we shouldn’t be afraid to speak about what will kill us and we shouldn’t be afraid to treat it.”

Bariatric surgery isn’t fool-proof, and if careful consideration isn’t taken, weight can return to pre-surgery levels. Comedian Ralphie May, who underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2004, ultimately regained much of the weight he lost. He passed away of cardiac arrest last year.






13 thoughts on “Governor Saved by Medical Science Still Refuses to Extend the Favor”

  1. Do you know the priblem hospitals are having in big cities since Naloxone came to the market? Addicts go to the emergency room. They go into the bathrooms and use the emergency pull to tie off. That way they can try a larger dose of heroin and when they pass out, the string is pulled and they get the shot of Naloxone.
    So we need to look at available numbers to see if Naloxone actually encourages recovery.
    Without a prescription? How many addicts will use it until it doesn’t work? There are too many questions still.

    1. Okay. But still. The alternative is for those people to die. Forget judge and jury. In the case of addiction, the death penalty gets to be applied by anyone annoyed by having to deal with the problem. If we are so bothered by saving addicts lives, let’s put all our energy in to figuring out how to provide resources for recovery.

      1. This is obviously a rumour. First the current heroin epidemic is really a mostly rural phenomenon. Second addicts don’t plan this kind of thing out carefully. Third if they are doing this it is because they are completely desperate for the high, not because they want to try it, and fourth I don’t see any evidence.

  2. This is your best cover to date. I’m sure you will get blow back, but you now have a new loyal fan. Our politicians have, in many cases, benefited greatly from types of services they now disparage because they don’t match their litmus test politically. Let’s hope 2018 helps to return Maine to a state with compassionate leader instead of the luddite currently in Augusta. While Naloxone is not the perfect solution, why let people die that can be saved. In many cases those people are worth more to society than those pontificating about why it should not be done.

  3. Not only is out governor trying to “cull the herd” by withholding narcan, MaineCare under his leadership, refused a gastric by-pass for my 27-year-old morbidly obese autistic daughter because she had no co-morbidities – yet. She died six months later from hypertensive cardio-vascular disease. Saved a bundle on her.

  4. Why oh why is no one ever concerned about my MOXIE addiction? Seems to me that someone should be interested in a cure!

  5. I am an addict myself. I took a tranquilizer type drug once just before surgery and got hooked the first time I tried it. Not sure what it was, I was so high when I asked I forgot. Hooked for life..

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