This Guy’s Been a Patriots Fan Since Way Back When They Only Had One Super Bowl Win

Gardiner — Talk about old school! Patriots superfan Travis Harnett has been rooting for the Patriots since 2003 when he heard the Pats were going to the Super Bowl again.

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“Oh, I was amped up! I’ll never forget watching them win the Superbowl. It was such a thrill, and made me the life-long fan that I am now,” Harnett told us.

“Kids these days don’t remember, but there was a time when the Pats only had one championship. I barely remember it myself,” he said.

Harnett spent most of the 2004 settling into his superfandom, purchasing jerseys, hats, and even a giant sticker to cover the back window of his truck.

“It’s really awesome, when you root for a team like the Patriots, and they just deliver another win like they did in ’04,” he said. Harnett didn’t watch any of the games until the playoffs, but he told us he had a feeling the whole year they’d win it all.

“Pats nation, baby!”

Harnett doesn’t recall many highlights of the next few years, but never missed a chance to watch the Pats in the Super Bowl.

“Gotta support the team, whether they win or lose the championship game of the season.”

In 2007, after the Patriots went undefeated only to lose to the New York Giants in the final game of the season, Harnett never stopped believing in them.

“That was heartbreaking, but I knew they still had more championships. You can’t win them all,” he said.

“Just made me a bigger fan, to be honest,” Harnett explained. He hasn’t missed a game since, and even got a Patriots logo tattooed on his calf in 2014.

We asked Harnett if he thinks his beloved franchise will be able to maintain its legacy after Tom Brady leaves.

“Brady leaving is going to be a huge blow but I’ll be there when they retire his number,” he said.

Will he get emotional seeing Brady’s number 12 among Pats legends like Gino Cappelletti, Steve Nelson, and Bruce Armstrong? Harnett had to stop and think for a second.



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  1. I suspect ol’ Travis has been down in his man cave waaaaaaayyyyy too long. Whenst you don’t come up for air the oxygen to your brain is intermittent and you’re apt to forget things like Cappellettis, playoff games and such. Too bad – seems like a nice guy otherwise.

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