Someone Finally Returned the Other Giant Boot to LL Bean’s Store

Freeport — Faith in humanity restored! After decades of having only one boot in the front of LL Bean’s Freeport location, there’s a pair once again.

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“It was such a huge relief, after all these years of just having one boot, having the other one returned,” a spokesperson for LL Bean said of the occasion.

“We’ve always said we’d accept the boot if someone were to return it. Any time, any condition, no questions asked. And then in the middle of the night, without warning, it reappeared.”

While the main LL Bean store in Freeport famously never closes, the boot was returned during its least-busiest hours, so no one was able to get a look at who had it or who returned it.

“We came outside to salt the sidewalks and there it was,” the spokesperson said.

The iconic, size-120,000 Bean Boot joins its partner once again in the front of the store.

“This is a huge day for LL Bean. Now visitors to our store have twice as many chances to get their photos taken with a giant boot. We’re so happy to have increased our giant boot stock by 100 percent!”

Officials gave up looking for the second boot long ago, telling LL Bean it would have to settle with having a single giant signature boot in front of its store.

It’s extremely unlikely the story of the boot’s whereabouts will ever come to light. There is one clue, however, as to where it may have spent at least some of its time away.

“We noticed the tag on the inside was blacked out with magic marker, so we’re pretty sure this boot spent some of its time in a thrift shop somewhere.”


33 thoughts on “Someone Finally Returned the Other Giant Boot to LL Bean’s Store”

  1. This is just a damn skam.. a cover-up

    The boot on the right is a larger size and it’s also a right hand boot. We still have a missing LEFT size one hundred and twenty thousand boot.

  2. Two boots or not two boots, that is the question for LL Bean! Did the episodic event and mystery add /increase their business.

  3. Now somebody at Beans ought to update the sign besides the giant pair to say, “90th Anniversary Bean Boots”!

  4. I think the boot belonged to Big Foot – he has only the one, foot that is, otherwise they’d be calling him Big Feet, right? Leon Leonwood gave him the boot years ago – said he only needed 1 for the front of his store. What I want to know is who pulled off Big Foot’s boot whilst he was sleeping and returned it to the store? And what’s Big Foot gonna do now? It’s cold out there you know.

    1. This would have been a great story before Beans decided that there valued employees no longer needed there Christmas bonus that they had been getting for over 20 years.or that they pushed back the extra money that was supposed to go into the 401ks til 2019. I honestly didn’t believe that they were stopping the return policy for things that were worn out or no longer fit. Instead of spending however much this boot cost to replace because lets be realistic they bought this new boot.they could have given back to those employees. Beans earnings were even with last years and it’s the labor that’s told they can’t afford the staples that made beans a household name.a place where everyone wanted to work.LL Beans is fake news

      1. First- there is still only one boot, L.L. Bean did not buy another one. Second, the bonuses come out in March- the Christmas gift I believe you are referring to is not a guarantee and is a minimal amount $20-100. There have been plenty of recent years when the holiday gift was not given. Third, they are offering a fantastic early retirement plan (voluntary- no one is getting forced or bought out) because they are one of the few companies that still give employees pensions, which have a lot of cost. And the employees determine how much money is contributed to their individual 401K- independent of a boot. L.L. Bean still is a great employer and have a 98% satisfaction from their employees.

  5. You know, I’ve seen this boot driving around the streets of Maine… Didn’t realise it was the stolen one!

  6. So glad to see that the boot was returned because of it’s historical importance, but note that it is of a different size. Was unaware that their past performance was reflective of their current two size policy – too big or too small.

  7. I think it was the Big Freeport Indian. He’s the only one besides that Bunyan dude that could wear them.

  8. Whoever the thief was, he (a she probably couldn’t heft it) deserves a good boot you know where. Whenever people steal, it’s always the customer who ends up “footing” the bill. LLBean should hire a “flat foot” to “shoe” mischief makers away:)

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